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Some vestments are one of a kind that  have a trim or applique that is unique or limited. On these and quick ship chasubles, the exact measurements will be noted. All chasubles come with stole edged with fringe, hanger and cover. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a particular chasuble, please refer to number in description.

White and Silver Chasuble Metallic Brocade Silver Lame Banding

White and Silver Chasuble Metallic Brocade Silver Lame Banding


CH-105 - White and silver baroque metallic brocade. With silver lame lurex banding. Edged with antique silver metallic gimp. Adorned with two 6” silver metallic cross appliqué. Stole is 3.5” and is finished with the same metallic gimp and 5.5” white tassels.

 Baroque refers to a period in time during the 17th century when indulgence and ornate embellishments ruled fashion. The term brocade comes from the Italian “broccato” meaning "embossed cloth" and the metallic threads used in this decorative fabric give it a lustrous and sumptuous appearance as well as a luxurious texture.

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