Hosanna Vestments and Altar Linens
Handmade customized to your style, budget & size. Available for repairs on vestments.

Sage Green Silk Taffeta

20180610_170709 (2).jpg

Colors are green, gold, and cream. Photographs don't show true beauty of the fabric. I have enough fabric to make a chasuble and stole. It needs to lined or underlined due to embroidery. Would be very nice for woman. Ombré is a French word for color that is shaded or graduated in tone. (Truth be known I had to Google the word). I purchased this fabric on sale at an incredible price and will pass that saving on to you.


Close up of embroidery

20180610_191052 (2).jpg

Back of silk. It will be completely covered by lining or underlining. What is the difference?

Lining is constructed separately from the garment and attached at the hem by hand or machine.

Underlining is a separate layer attached to garment pieces wrong side together and then treated

as one during construction. I prefer underlining on silks.