Hosanna Vestments and Altar Linens
Handmade customized to your style, budget & size. Available for repairs on vestments.




Thank you for visiting Hosanna Vestments and Altar Linens. I hope you enjoy browsing through my work. In addition to the traditional array of wonderful liturgical fabrics, lace, and trims for linens and vestments, I seek out non-traditional fabrics, antique and vintage trims and appliques. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs and ideas.



Most designs can be adapted to you. If a chasuble is available for immediate shipping, it will be marked quick ship. There is a 4 to 8 week lead time for a custom made vestment.


Altar cloths are custom made and you can chose the fabric you prefer. . If you want lace edging, please browse through the to see your choices.


All chalice palls are 7 inches and made with a 100% linen unless noted otherwise. With a plexiglass insert. Appliqués are glued on then hand-stitched around the edges. Most can be made in a different size.


Stoles can be customized to you. If you have a particular design in mind, please contact me to discuss your idea.



There is some incredible embroidery work done years ago, mostly by nuns, that can be found and repurposed. Most churches have older linens and other altar pieces that have been in a closet for years. Some are too worn or, due to new altar furniture, can no longer be used. Sometimes they can be made into something new. There is sentimental value to these items, and it is nice to salvage them and put them to good use. I think long time parishioners especially like to see things they remember from the past.



Here are some antique, one of a kind and or interesting items I have that will be utilized in future projects. Maybe something will catch your eye that you would like to work with!

bless all his skills, o Lord, and be pleased with the work of his hands
Deuteronomy 33:11